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19 July 2009 @ 07:20 pm
First I want to thank you for coming to ifyouseekcali my (sawblade_x) icon/graphic community!

I only have a couple of rules I'd like you to follow. Please don't steal my icons and claim them as your own. If you take something please comment the post, I like to know what people like. Crediting is not an option; if you take, you credit either ifyouseekcali or sawblade_x. And comments are love, I like to know what people think of my graphics.

I'll post all (or well most) of my icons I've made so far either tonight or sometime tomorrow, along with my resource post. This community will most like contain icons (obviously), icon bases, screen caps (possibly), and maybe a few banners every once in a while. I will take requests later on, and I'll make a suggestion post soon too. Also do not hotlink! You can upload your images to photobucket or tinypic.

Feel free to join & watch the community. ^^
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